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Imagine starting a business with four unique personalities under one umbrella, all working towards a common goal. Where do you begin... C3EC. They showed us how to blend our talents and create a winning business plan and organization structure. Then, just so we each could shine, they designed some really cool business cards that showcased our individuals personalities! As we grow, so does our partnership with C3EC.

Rashawn and Friends

Community Activist and Entrepreneur 

Everyone needs to have C3EC working with them! The services they provide are invaluable.  If you need coaching, they can do it.  If you need to collaborate with others to bring an idea or concept to life, they can connect you.  And when you want to make a 180-degree career change, and can’t articulate it to leadership or your family, leverage their no-nonsense communication strategies – they are highly effective!  Thank you C3EC for being authentic, fully engaged, and transparent when necessary – a true Executive Concierge.


IT Professional and Entrepreneur

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 C3EC is a pro at getting things done! Whatever it is that you don't have time for in your schedule or you just don't have any idea how to pull it off, they can handle it for you in a timely and professional manner. From coordinating corporate benchmarking sessions in the IT space to redesigning new hire onboarding experiences, or creating a team-building for 30 people (all done remotely), to something as simple as designing celebration keepsakes to commemorate an outstanding business year. I highly recommend C3EC.


Vice-President and CIO 

 C3EC is very professional, on time and always gets the job done efficiently and right the first time! As a first-time author, I was a bit nervous. The team provided full service, including - editing, publishing, and marketing (book signing party, reader focus groups, and amazon order setup). Now three books in, they continue to be my go-to advisors. 


Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

C3EC is an exceptional concierge company. Anticipating needs and solving problems before you realize you have one! Attention to detail and their network of resources made them the best choice for deploying my campaign marketing plan. It got me re-elected, by a landside. I will absolutely hire them again. 



Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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